new hotel will be awesome in Los Angeles

Wilshire Grand’s Continuous Concrete Pour May Break World Record

Los Angeles, United States – 11 February 2014

Construction of the supertall 335-meter Wilshire Grand Tower in Los Angeles is underway, with plans to fill a 30-meter foundation with concrete in one fell swoop on February 15.

Building Architect Chris Martin, of A.C. Martin Partners, said “The project will attempt to set a Guinness World Record with the largest continuous pour ever.”

Concrete trucks containing 2,100 loads will deliver 1,800 cubic meters of concrete will parade to the site, accompanied by a marching band and local dignitaries for the grand pour.

“Pouring the massive amount of concrete at once allows workers to save several weeks’ time over a more normal, slower pour and will yield one solid, connected foundation rather than requiring mechanical connections between sections,” said Martin.

To prevent cracks caused from overheating, 19 miles of refrigeration piping will cool the steel reinforcements along the foundation.

When complete, the Hanjin Group-developed tower will rise to become projected tallest building west of the Mississippi River.


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